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Customer Testimonial

"We've been very happy with the
whole house music system and
lighting control system that was designed and installed for us by
Santa Barbara Smarthomes. 

Paul's comprehensive knowledge of
the products and systems was especially helpful.  He was able to explain the technology in a
manner that was simple and easily understood.  We would highly recommend Paul and his company Santa Barbara Smarthomes."

- Craig & Katrina Shallanberger
  Santa Barbara, CA

Distributed Equipment Rack

Whole House Audio Video Systems

Whole House Music

Whether you're entertaining or just relaxing at home with family, it's enjoyable to have music where ever you are.  Just imagine easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home and even outdoors.

Santa Barbara Smarthomes can install speakers in walls, ceilings, under eaves, and on your deck or patio. Speakers disguised as rocks or planters are just a few of the imaginative ways we can hide speakers in your yard and garden or by the pool.

With a whole-house music system you can move from room to room with the same rich sound wherever you go. Keypads are mounted in convenient locations for control of the music system and wireless remote controls provide even more flexibility.

Operation of our music systems is simple. Navigation can be learned by even a non-technical person in a matter of minutes. You'll be able to select radio stations, CDs, iPod, or the sound of the TV all at the touch of a button.

Distributed Video

Everyone agrees that the only audio/video component you want to see is your TV or projection screen.  Having a DVD player, cable or satellite box and a stack of other equipment near each TV is not only unsightly, it results in redundant components, additional energy usage, and creates the challenge of where to hide all of the components.

Santa Barbara Smarthomes routinely hides audio/video components in a mechanical room or closet space and then distributes the signals to TVs in the various rooms in your home.

Even a large estate can require as little as two cable boxes or satellite receivers, and all of your movies can be stored centrally on a media server.  With a media server system, each room in your home can have its own unique movie feed and you have the ability to start a movie or program in one room and then finish it in another.

Whole House Music and Distributed Video systems provide a unique alternative to designing cabinets or niches for each room to hide the equipment.  


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