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Outdoor rooms are becoming very popular. This is especially true in the Santa Barbara area where they can be enjoyed year round.

Santa Barbara Smarthomes can help you enjoy your outdoor areas even more by providing weatherproof speakers and televisions.

Weatherproof speakers can be mounted to exterior walls or flush mounted.  Outdoor speakers are also available that look like rocks or planters which blend into your garden and landscaping.  High performance speakers can even be buried in the ground around your landscaping to discretely provide great sounding music.

Outdoor televisions are the latest trend in outdoor entertaining. These TVs are completely weather proof and can stand up to heat, cold and direct rain. They are specially designed for long life in harsh environments and provide a bright, clear, high definition picture that can be viewed even in daylight.

Weatherproof TVs aren't just for outside.  They can also be installed indoors in showers, steam rooms, saunas and bathrooms.  A unique mirrored version is available that displays the television image through the mirror when the TV is on, and looks like a perfect mirror when off.


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