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Customer Testimonial

"We've been very happy with the
lighting control system and whole
house music system that was
designed and installed for us by
Santa Barbara Smarthomes."

-Craig & Katrina Shallanberger
 Santa Barbara, CA

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the fastest growing areas in home technology.  These systems revolutionize the way you manage light in your home and provide superior lifestyle, security and energy savings benefits.

Lighting control gives you the ability to add to the beauty of your home with an infinite variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes.  The touch of one button can dim lights for a soft romantic dinner, while another illuminates the house for entertaining and sets tasteful outdoor landscape lighting for your guests.

Keypads provide a clean, elegant look by combining the functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single attractive wall control. These keypads are available in numerous colors and finishes and can be matched to your home's décor.

For convenience and security, a bedside keypad can ensure that all the lights are off when you turn in for the night.  The same keypad can also instantly light up the house if you hear a noise during the night, or light a dim path to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

When integrated with home automation systems, lighting control can automatically turn lights on or off based on sunrise/sunset or time of day ensuring that you never return to a dark home again.

Lighting control solutions are available for new construction and remodel and can also be installed into your existing home.


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