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Stop running up and down the stairs or yelling from room to room to have someone pick up the phone or tell them it's time for dinner.

Intercoms aren't big ugly boxes on the wall anymore and provide a convenient way to communicate with family in large or multi-story homes.  Just press a button and talk to the entire household or just one person, all without straining your vocal cords.

The same intercom system can be used as a baby monitor or play customizable doorbell chimes throughout the home.  When a visitor rings from the entry gate or front door, you can greet them from any intercom station in the house and know who's at your door before you open it.  Using the same attractive keypads, you can also trigger the entry gate to open, or the front door to unlock once you know who is there.

Today's advanced intercoms can also integrate with whole-house music systems to share the same speakers and automatically mute the music during an intercom page or when someone rings the doorbell.  Do-Not-Disturb modes provide a way to mute the intercom system in rooms where someone may be sleeping, and hands-free reply allows the person you're calling to simply speak back to you without pressing any buttons.

Intercoms are designed to be installed during construction, but they can also be retrofitted into your existing home.



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